Con quiénes trabajamos

  • Who do we work with?

  • Our relationship with the organizations

    Ramón Vargas foundation offers economical support, consultancy and follow up to the organizations that provide direct and integral attention to disabled children and youngsters who live in marginalized and rural areas of Mexico.

    These organizations not only work with children and youngsters, they also offer support and training to families, help social promoters, doctors, teachers and members of the communities they look after.

    Social organizations, as part of their institutional strength, have achieved:

    • Clear definition of their own projects
    • Full command of their systems and methodologies
    • High quality and integral attention
    • A common approach: community based rehabilitation
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  • Organizations that we have supported


  • Organizations supported in 2015:

    1. PRÓJIMO, Sinaloa
    2. Don Bosco sobre ruedas, Jalisco
    3. Servicios a la Juventud (SERAJ), Puebla
    4. HUB, Oaxaca
    5. Centro de Capacitación, Asesoría, Medio Ambiente y Defensa del Derecho a la Salud (CAMADDS), AC, Chiapas
    6. PROPAED, AC, Chiapas
    7. Centro de Atención Integral Piña Palmera, AC, Costa Sur de Oaxaca
    8. El Arca, Ciudad de México.
  • Disability and Community Network (REDISCOMU)

    Integrated by organizations that carry out disability community attention and by activist leaders that support the rights of the disabled. Their purpose is to bring together, combine and capitalize the efforts of each organization to strengthen their work and make it more productive. They promote a culture of acceptance to diversity that have an impact on public politics so that they protect the rights of the disabled.

    Ramón Vargas Foundation supports part of the work of the organizations as well as with the Disability and Community Network.

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