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  • Our foundation works through a summons call directed to specific social organizations that fulfill the criteria that our foundation has previously defined. The summons call takes place every year in April. Its goal is to award economic support to social organizations that look after disabled children and youngsters who live in highly marginalized areas. The resources should be dedicated to develop projects that help consolidate the social impact of their projects.

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    Up to 160,000 Mexican pesos per year

    Selection criteria

    The support offered by the foundation cannot be ascribed to individuals, only to entities constituted as an organization.

    The organizations must fulfill the following requirements:

    a) Be legally constituted either as a nonprofit organization or as a private assistance institution.
    b) Count with a CLUNI: key to the federal registration of nonprofit organizations.
    c) Be authorized to issue tax refund receipts.
    d) Have as the goal of their activities the developing of programs for the attention of disabled children and youngsters, with an integral, inclusive, community approach.
    e) To have an operational structure that guarantees the continuity of their work on a medium term (a minimum of five years).
    f) newsthe foundation does not represent more than 25% of their full income.
    g) Be committed to a social vision based on the rights of the disabled.
    h) In the case of projects presented previously to our foundation, they must have proved efficiency and accomplishment of their goals.

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