¿Qué hacemos?

  • What is Ramon Vargas Foundation, AC ?

  • We are a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of disabled children and youngsters who live in marginalized areas. The organizations that we support use the community based rehabilitation programs as established by the World Health Organization.

  • In 2000, tenor Ramón Vargas and his wife, Amalia, decided to start a foundation to celebrate the memory of their son Eduardo, who lived with cerebral palsy and died at the early age of six.

    After their great loss, the only thing that comforted them was to know that their son had received all the attention and love that he needed, participating joyfully in all the activities of his family.

    In creating this foundation, the goal of the Vargas family and their closest friends, was to offer children with disabilities a life of acceptance and inclusion to develop their capabilities.

  • After working fifteen years under the name: Eduardo Vargas Memorial Fund, today, our organization assum itself as Ramón Vargas Foundation as a way to publicly affirm Ramón Vargas commitment with the disabled kids of our country.

    Currently we support several organizations that work in marginalized areas of some states of Mexico. We accomplish this through: accompaniment, training, and economical support for specific projects. Thus, we promote integral attention models designed to achieve a culture of inclusion. We aim to strengthen not only the children with disabilities, but their families, teachers and other members within their communities.

  • To contribute in the family and social inclusion of children with disabilities and youngsters who live in marginalized areas, providing help through community attention models.

    To be a point of reference and connection among organizations that work with children with disabilities and youngsters who live in marginalized areas. As well as to be active promoters of integral and inclusive models for community rehabilitation programs in our country.

    What we believe

    • Integral attention of disabled children and youngsters implies not only their physical rehabilitation, but also their intellectual and social development.
    • The attention of people with disabilities requires much more than the attention of their physical health.
    • Rehabilitation does not depend on sophisticated equipment, but on trained hands and committed persons and families.
    • Community rehabilitation programs require compromise from all the members of our communities.
    • We impulse inclusion processes, beyond physical or ideological barriers, that promote a culture of respect to diversity, acceptance and solidarity.
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